Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brooklyn is TWO!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!!!


I can not even begin to explain what an amazing little girl you are. God blessed me greatly when He picked me to be your momma. You have a smile that can melt my heart and a personality that makes me laugh.

You are SO strong willed. Your therapist call you a little "diva". You know what you want and you want it your way or no way. Your determination is paying off though.  You have worked so hard for each and every milestone. I watched your therapist tear up the other day as you pushed your walker down the hall. Before I know it you will be on the move constantly

Right now you can walk if someone holds both your hands. Most the time though you scoot on your bottom to get around the house.  I have to keep an eye on you now that you have learned to pull up on things and cruise along furniture. There have been a few instances of you playing with toilet paper, getting into the toilet, eating crayons. I won't complain though because that means you are doing normal typical toddler stuff!! 

You love your baby. The one with the headband is the only one you will take. You ask for her by name, "baby".  You can also say: Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, mil (milk), hi, bye, up, aye (outside), puppy, purple, boo (blue), yellwhoawhoa (yellow), boon (spoon), go and car. You sign: all done, more, cookie, eat, milk, bath, and please. You understand way more than what you can relay back to me, but we have made huge grounds. You being able to nod your head yes or no has helped me TONS!

You are finally sleeping through the night, well most of it. :) You are making it 5 hours straight with no feeds. We haven't used your g-button in almost 6 months. You LOVE to eat. You sign "eat" all the time. You are getting stronger with eating. Right now most of your calories still come from your formula but I think in the near future we can kiss that stuff goodbye!

I know I am missing so much. I want to write it all down to remember it. Most of all I want you to know how much I love you. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl,



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